5pcs Lady Bamboo Reusable Sanitary Pad

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Your peace-of-mind reusable menstrual pad with super soft bamboo cotton inner layer, keeping you comfy all day long. The pad is highly absorbent and accompanies odor neutralizing layer. Perfect for light to medium flows when using conventional disposable plastic pads feel like an environmental unfriendly waste to the landfill. This pad is also ideal to use with menstrual cup over period of heavy flow.

Size: 18*25cm (day pads)
Materials: Outer - PUL waterproof material; Middle - 2 layers of microfiber; Inner - bamboo cotton

Why choose reusable cloth menstrual pad?
- Eco-friendly: less plastic waste to the earth caused by disposable single use plastic pads
- Money saving: can be used for 3-5 years
- Healthy: Organic, does not contain bleach
- Soft and comfy: thanks to the bamboo material
- Safe: Leak proof inner and outer layers
- Easy to clean: Rinse in cold water, machine wash and dry as usual

1. Please wash it prior to first use.
2. If there is stain, add a little salt in cold or warm water (do NOT use hot water as this can set stains) then wash by hand or machine. If it is not washed straightaway, soak the cloth menstrual pad and let them dry until your next laundry.
c. Do not iron, wash with bleach or fabric softener as this can reduce the lifespan.

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